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Central: From <1,000 visits per month to >100,000 visits per month

Central Heating & Air Conditioning, an HVAC company based in Northeast Ohio, had no previous experience with inbound. Once they started publishing content, everything changed.

Inbound Marketing Helped Central Become a Well-Known Authority


Sales Revenue from Inbound Marketing Efforts


Visits in the First Two Years


Increase in Monthly Traffic

Starting from Scratch

Stu Unsdorfer, Central Heating & Air Conditioning's President, had no prior experience with inbound. He knew they needed to modernize their marketing strategy but didn't know where to start.

Starting a new marketing strategy from scratch can be overwhelming. Some tactics promise lots of leads with little effort. The truth is, to provide actual value to customers and to win their business, you must be willing to openly and honestly address their most asked questions. This means moving away from traditional outbound tactics and embracing a culture of inbound–a culture of content.

For Stu and his team, this meant getting his team involved in producing blog content that answers homeowners' questions about HVAC systems. With help from Manage Inbound, Central created informative, helpful content for people in their service area looking for heating and air conditioning tips, products, and services.

From tips on energy efficiency for your home to the best air conditioning units to purchase, Stu and his team increased website visits from less than 1,000 visits per month to over 100,000 visits within the first year.

While metrics like website traffic look good on paper, the real question is how does that translate to sales? For Central, this meant generating close to $2 million in sales revenue from their inbound marketing efforts in the first two years.

Creating meaningful content that resonates with prospects and gives them the answers they're searching for helped Central become a well-known authority on HVAC in Northeast Ohio.

Stewart Unsdorfer
President, Central HTG

“Manage Inbound’s strategies are comprehensive and effective, and I have nothing but praise for the whole organization.”

Project Highlights

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We set apart their product in a vast sea of options and added to the perceived value of their product.
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We helped making a lasting impression on consumers, with fresh new graphics and product photos.
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We promoted their brand and product with an in-person and real-time engagement.