Lawn Care

Weed Pro: 226% Revenue Growth in Year 1

When Weed Pro, a lawn care company based in Ohio, started their journey with inbound, they weren't seeing the results they were hoping for. So what changed?

Inbound Marketing Transformed the Way Weed Pro Does Business


Sales Revenue Increase Year 1


Sales Revenue Increase Year 2


Increase in Traffic

Creating a Culture of Content

The concept behind inbound marketing is simple. Don't be a pest to consumers, provide helpful and educational content, and your website visitors will turn into leads and then into customers.

The tactics aren't hard to understand: it's how we as consumers want to be marketed to. Rob Palmer, Weed Pro's CEO, realized this. It's why he started to implement inbound marketing in his company.

But the catch? 

Getting everyone in the organization, from sales reps to technicians, involved and engaged with inbound.

Rob and his team started blogging and trying inbound tactics, but it never resulted in much. They were struggling to fully embrace content.

With the help of Manage Inbound, Rob was able to build upon what he already knew and get the entire company onboard. 

Lawn care may be the service Weed Pro is selling, but customer service is their product. From training lawn techs on how to better communicate with customers to making personnel changes, Rob was able to take inbound from a concept and put it in to practice.

This means taking the time to educate prospects and customers and demonstrating that they are the experts in what they do. Having content on their website and training techs to be teachers first is what creating a culture of inbound is all about.

After implementing inbound and publishing content that attracted good-fit prospects, Weed Pro saw an increase of 161% in website visits within the first year. And more importantly, an increase in sales revenue by 226%.

By their second year of implementing an inbound strategy, they had an increase in sales revenue of 370%.

Due to the nature of home services based companies like Weed Pro, there is still an emphasis on outbound advertising techniques like mailers and radio ads to get their name out in the community. Rob doesn't disregard the value of direct mail campaigns, but realizes what really matters is providing value to customers and showing how Weed Pro does things differently. 

Inbound marketing is more effective at getting their message to the right people at the right time–people who are actually searching for a solution to a problem. Not to mention customer acquisition costs are much lower for inbound vs. outbound.

Ultimately, inbound transformed the way Weed Pro does business. 

Rob Palmer
Founder & CEO, Weed Pro

“With Manage Inbound's guidance, inbound transformed my business, growing our sales revenue by 226% in less than a year.”

Project Highlights

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We set apart their product in a vast sea of options and added to the perceived value of their product.
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We helped making a lasting impression on consumers, with fresh new graphics and product photos.
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We promoted their brand and product with an in-person and real-time engagement.